Re: For translators: Midnight Commander on

On Thu, 18 Feb 2010 10:04:45 +0100 Marco Ciampa wrote:
> 100% agree and I could add that, generally speaking, stranslating is _not_ 
> only a linguistic exercise.
> Usually (especially with MC) you have to cope with context meaning, shortcut 
> keys clashing, space contraints, etc.
> So, to do a good job, you can't avoid the compilation, install, test phases 
> _before_ committing a translation, and a web interface usually means the 
> distruction of a good and hard work.

Translators are not any random persons. Actually, they are users of the program and they know the translation context. And MC developers
are not polyglots and cannot verify translation results, they can only
trust tranlators. What the difference between translation updates sent
to MC project via Trac or e-mails and via Transifex?


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