Re: missing .tbz2 extension in mc.ext

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 11:29:59AM -0300, Matias A. Fonzo wrote:
> The developers can add the extension ".tbz2" to "mc.ext" file?.
> See the man page of `bzip2' for more information about the tbz2 extension.

Please use latest version of mc.

> regex/\.t(ar\.bz2|bz2?|b2)$
>        Open=%cd %p#utar
>        View=%view{ascii} bzip2 -dc %f 2>/dev/null | tar tvvf -

in mc.ext from mc 4.7.0-pre2, IIRC.

Stan. S. Krupoderov 

(let ((*PRINT-BASE* 36))
(format T "~A ~A ~A" 71373391685091 27913917 16438))

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