Re: MC/ncurses on cygwin: Borders turn into chinese characters and layout screws up

For the umpteenth time, this bug does not affect me at all and I am not requesting any help or action. I sent it as advice only, hoping it would be useful to you. If you really don't want to know about bugs that the reporter can work around then I suggest you say so on the bug-reporting-instructions pages that you all have. Something like "don't bother reporting bugs that you're not desperate about, and certainly not because you're hoping anybody might appreciate the tip-off." I'd be surprised if you wrote that though, because I don't think that's what you really mean.

What's really happening is that you guys are not accepting that I have to get back to my real job.

I suppose an apology for the tone of my initial mailing is due. It was rather irate. I should have read it through and thought about the effect it might have before firing it off. But I was feeling irate, and the reason is that I've already experienced precisely this attitude that you're all giving me right now, and I just don't see it that way. If I was asking for support, it would sound like I was, but I'm not, I've said I'm not in every single email I've sent, and you all keep telling me that I am. That makes me feel pretty irate. It's happened many times before, and it's still happening. If you go back and read my first post with that in mind, you'll see that that's exactly what it said. I said it very loudly and you all took offence at that, but the message still didn't get across.

Why don't you believe in this scenario: that somebody might have tipped you off just because he thought you might like to know, not because he really gave a damn. And why do I have to grovel for the priviledge of giving you that information? I just don't know why you keep denying this scenario.

Anyway, returning to the bug itself, I have absolutely no idea what libraries mc is linked against. I told you the mc version already. I installed this cygwin about 10 months ago and cygcheck output is now attached. I don't really feel like doing all those tests because I'm too busy and I don't know how. But if you send me a bash script to get that information I'll run it and return the results.

I actually think this issue is between cygwin and ncurses, and I think it's a big, fundamental problem, not just a typo in one version of one program like mc. The problem is that curses wants to draw those box-corner characters, but they just don't exist anymore, at least, not with those ascii codes. I think somebody should be very worried about it. You might not know anybody who's seeing this, but that's because they all live on the other side of the world, however, there are rather a lot of them. To get started, the cygwin guys just need to install Chinese characters on any of their test boxes and run any curses program. But I'll be prioritising on totally different stuff.


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