MC/ncurses on cygwin: Borders turn into chinese characters and layout screws up

Hi folks,

The attachment shows what mc version 4.6.1 looks like in my cygwin:

$ bash --version
GNU bash, version 3.2.49(22)-release (i686-pc-cygwin)

It's an XP box, evidently with chinese fonts installed. Looks like the old dos border-drawing characters are turning into chinese characters and taking up less space.

Please don't involve me in your triage process or ask me to send it somewhere else. I've had that several times before and I think it's rubbish to expect a user to navigate a project's internal processes just because you expect them to feel good about contributing to an open source project. It's not my product or my problem. You've seen the proof, so figure it out for yourselves.

Just a quickie for cygwin: if you insist on patronising your customers about their bug reporting skills ( then may I suggest that you show some smartness yourselves by just telling us which bloody mailing list to use right there in the bug reporting page instead of making us hunt through the rest of the site. Better still, provide a form and have it search the archives itself.


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