Re: MC/ncurses on cygwin: Borders turn into chinese characters and layout screws up

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Adrian May wrote:

> 1. If you ...
> 2. Does anybody ...
> 3. Even if ...
> 4. You can ...
> 5. I did ...
> 6. I did ...

Too much words for my mind. My vocabulary of English ended in the middle
of the first paragraph.

Man, you really offended at the opensource community - that's all what I
understand. What specific suggestions? But, please, not need to write a
poem by Shakespeare - briefly and clearly, please.

If you want to help - good. Just help. If you only want to talk -
please, find place for this (like /.) and feel free to start speech.

You wrote a bugreport - cool, you have already helped (and thanks to
you). But what you expect now? Everyone started running around your
bugreport? Nope. Bugreport as a child: to give birth easily, it is
difficult to educate (easy to write bug reports, more difficult to
If you have a different opinion - huge thanks for bugreport and good bye :)

P.S. guys from cygwin devel-team: mc-4.6.1 too old for supporting,
mc-4.7.0-pre2 and newest don't compile on current cygwin (because
cyrrent cygwin don't have ipv6 support :( ). Is you have any ideas about?

WBR, Slavaz.

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