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Enrico Weigelt wrote:

>> Small systems? In this case better way to use present libraries as
>> possible for lesser size binary file and for less memory usage per one
>> process. 
> Assuming they're present at all.
> For lots of my systems, mc is currently the *only* app requiring glib,
> adding 868k. If libgio will come in, this will even extend to 99%
> of all my systems, adding 690k.
>> To me not. In really small systems better to use busybox without mc. Or
>> just older versions of mc...
> What a great suggestion ;-o
Why not? For example: do you tried to run KDE4 under your embedded
hardware? I'm sure, you never think about this :).
Is KDE1 or more lightweight (and older) WM  have chance to run?

And what percentage  of running mc greater: on end-user desktop (or on
servers via ssh-connect) or in poor embedded devices?

>> Partially yes. Own realization of ini-files parser was good realization
>> too (was grabbed some time ago from wine project). 
> Aehm, what does an ini parser have to do w/ a VFS API ?
As example of dropped deprecated code.

>>> libgio is full of things we most likely won't ever need.
>> How do you know this?
> Does MC need the "streaming" stuff (which is just yet another wrapper
> around standard filesystem operations) ? 

> Does MC need desktop icon stuff (render them in ascii ? ;-o)
> Does MC need yet another socket API (besides OS/libc) ?
> Does MC need yet another DNS resolver ?
> etc, etc, etc
> Note: I'm talking about whats really needed for a good _console_
> file manager, not what could be done if certain people have too
> much tedium and dont care about loosing large parts of the
> traditional user base ;-o

I'm talking about console file manager too. But I'm talking about  less
codebase and as result easy to support (maintain); use all standart
technology(libraries), with many opportunities for featurefull
development. As example see on 'glib vs mhl' (sorry, nothing personal).

A result, I want to see mc with minimal size of executable and hard
dependencies to glib and s-lang(ncurses) only. All other dependencies
will calculated in runtime via dlopen/dlsum. And mc will have plugins
for extend basic functionality.
For example, 'syntax coloring' plugin for editor. If some file is
present (/usr/lib/mc/ then editor have
syntax highlight. Otherwise not. Same like for skins... or for filenames
highlight... or for any other currently hardcoded visual effects.

In this case size of main binary blob may be very small (and may be
enought for placing libgio in your embedded hardware ;) ).

WBR,  Slavaz.

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