Re: 4.7pre4

Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> * SZABÓ Gergely <szg subogero com> schrieb:
>> Actually mc implements a lot of CUA standards, but you seem to forget 
>> about the Norton/Total/Far traditions. I think it's equally (or more) 
>> important to conform to those traditions. Anybody who ever used a 
>> two-pane file-manager knows by heart what the keys F1 to F10 mean. And 
>> they all expect to be able to edit the command line without any further 
>> complications.
> ACK. These keybindings should not change (at least not in the
> default installation).

We could distribute multiple keybinding files aside of the default one -
one in which MC will mimick Total commander keyboard shortcuts as close as
possible, one mimicking FAR manager as close as possible, perhaps some
other if someone will send us something reasonable :)

Currently we have only the default and emacs keymap.

Martin Petricek

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