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02.11.2009 19:23, y199mp1505 gmail com wrote:
> Hello Russian Team,
This is not right: Russian team was transform into international devel-team.

> Please make sure you call your init/config files in a different way
> from 4.6.1 or put them in a different directory.
Is you mean moving mc.wrapper.csh|sh from /usr/share/mc into
/usr/libexec/mc ?

> Right now your are modifying 'ini' without considering that users
> may want to leave the old 4.6.1 install intact.

MC reads old configs as well (as possible) and transforms into new format.
If this not right: create new ticket, please.

> Further, it seems to me that you are playing around with effects
> (skins) and wasting time. You have no chance in hell to get
> agreement from the (still) official maintainers and from the distros
> maintainers on such visual aspects. Forget it.

Well... someone have profit at this point, someone annoying by visual
effects... Skins (and filehighlight) was very easy for implement. Much
harder(and much important) for implement was 'keymaps' technology - it's
an 'invisible' work for end user (like iceberg) and at present time this
technology incomplete.

> You want to innovate? Here are two suggestions:

We have lot of new ideas about mc (such as config dialog like
'about:config' from Firefox/Seamonkey). But we don't have time to
realize all ideas :(. In any case, patches always welcome. ;)

> - A set of keybindings in the CUA tradition. Why is F8 used
>   rather than Delete? If the reason is the (displayed) command
>   line, the solution is that keypresses only reach the command
>   line *after* a switch key (assume F8) is pressed. So Delete does
>   delete and if you want to type on the command line you press the
>   switch key first. This would also help with Backspace and others.

Now implemented user-side keybinds. If something don't work - create
ticket, please.

> - Tree view. I do not know what the original authors of mc's tree
>   view were thinking but that was mid-90s. Currently, the tree view
>   is fairly standardized. You need a command to expand the tree one
>   level (e.g. Right) or to expand it all levels (e.g. *) and to
>   collapse it (e.g. Left). And yes, first admit unreservedly that
>   the tree view is not just useful, it is indispensable.

I think, implement these keybinds not hard... but this task not for
4.7.0 milestone.

WBR, Slavaz.
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