Re: [PATCH] do not abort on broken .cpio file

* Denys Vlasenko <vda linux googlemail com> schrieb:

> For example, you can have a rule that committer is responsible for that.
> If you have a few people in your team whom you trust
> that they are organized enough to always do a compile test
> and a basic run test before committing, then they may
> be entrusted in "fast-forwarding" trivial stuff.

Right, we sometimes have things that are trivial enough, eg. #1692.

BUT: those things tend to be not important enough to get merged
ASAP, so it doesnt hurt to wait until others had a look at them.
And: there still may be better solutions, so it's always a good
idea to have more eyes looking over it first.

*If* we have really blocking things, there will be discussions
here, triggering faster reviews, IMHO.

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