Re: The status of

hello slava & co.

On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 12:36:41PM +0300, Slava Zanko wrote:
> Do you consider the opportunity to give us official mc maintainership
> burden?
after having tracked the development for a while i'm pretty sure pavel
will not like what is there. your quality standards simply don't match a
project as mature as mc. otoh you are fairly productive and it would be
a waste to discard that.

if it was up to me, i'd start with a fresh cvs => git import and target
4.7 with a *clean* patch series. lots of commit squashing, reformatting,
documenting and, uh, generally writing code which isn't a nightmare to
read in many places.
this basically means that you'd have to play by the usual rules: make
complete, atomic patches and go through N draconian review rounds on the
mailing list (i really dislike trac for patch review. reviewboard might
be an option, but also has the disadvantage of a "medium break", i.e.
additional effort). this isn't anything new - pavel said that before.

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