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Hello, Pavel. I am writing on behalf of the entire team of Midnight

In this list you mentioned that the project is located at is not officially a mainstream of mc.
However, bugtracker was closed in Savannah, indicating a new address on

Do you consider the opportunity to give us official mc maintainership
burden? Do you plan to participate
in the development of mc? What are your plans for the development of
official mc in Savannah? If you need additional information
about the development project, please visit, get a copy of git-repository and look at
the branch
master - I hope the changes you'll be pleasantly surprised. The notable
ones are:

* native UTF-8 support
* new search/replace engine with search types: Plain, Wildcard, Regexp, Hex
* fixed fish handling for symlinks and fancy names to be escaped
* various editor enchancements (vertical block
marking/moving/copy/paste, undo fixes, initial etags support, planning
support of 'redo' functionality)
* x86_64 fixes
* various syntax files updates
* translation updates
* code cleanups, various memleak/etc fixes (many thanks to valgrind)
* filenames charset choosing support in panels
* various mc.ext fixes
* included many fixes from other distributions
* added initial support for doxygen generated docs
* bells and whistles (trailing tabs hilighting, tabs/spaces mix, free
space on disk, etc.)
* commandline completion fixes (mainly, escaping hadling)
* terminal fixes (like putty)
* small fixes in history handling (locale independent .mc/history entries)
* refreshed autoconf stuff

We will happily answer all questions.

Sincerely, The Developers:
Andrey Borodin
Ilia Maslakov
Mikhail Pobolovets
Sergei Trofimovich
Slava Zanko

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