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Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> I will try to help, at least by reporting bugs.
> Currently, I have 5 bugs reported total. One is already fixed:
> #1386 	editor: F7 search does not remember last search string across
> editing sessions

We want to remove all static variables (file-scope visibility). May be,
this helps in future with running many editors at one time. New behavior
of F7-search it's a side effect. I think, need to show latest item from
field history...

> These are open:
> #414 	Regression: shell patterns in copy dialog do not work
It's easy to fix and will fidex in near time.

> #1384 	Whitespace highlighting should be optional
Fedora package of mc have patch for it... not hard too.

> #1385 	File search dialog is more difficult to use compared to 4.6.1
Need to discuss with andrew_b :)

> Any open-source project requires not only technical skill, but also
> some social skills. Projects fail when they are closed-minded, where
> developers assume "I'm the boss - you are the idiot" mentality.

We also think this. Please, don't  think that we no much write comments
in trac because of the arrogance. No-no, this is because of our poor
English (this right to me). :(

> Indirectly, they bring you an important thing:
> they do debugging for you in various scenarios you personally
> never use.

Of course. And IMHO it's very important.

> Caring for users' bug reports and bugs in bugzilla is not a very
> inspiring work, but if you do it regularly, you are taking
> an "invisible" advantage of the work users already did before
> they wrote an email/bug report: *they diagnosed a problem for you*.
> You do not need to do it by now.

At now, too much open bugs and feature request. Some bugs very old, some
bugs we have added themselves... Very hard to balance before priority of
bugs. For one man bug very critical, for others - not important...

> And also you show users that their efforts are not wasted.
> It's very frustrating to spend days creating a bug report
> for a project, only to see it staying open for months/years,
> with not a single comment from developers...
> Don't let your users feel this way.

I know it situation :) My patch for GitPlugin of trac
( awaiting
now too. I have a short time to waiting, but constantly look for
activity in the ticket. :)

Relative to us, is this mean, that we need to write comment in any case
into new bugreport?

> Don't know how useful above mumblings are... those are just my thoughts
> about ways to be a successful project.

Denys, big thanks for you help. Our work (development of mc) looks not
good from other side, I'm understand it :(. Because lot of questions we
have discussed at online in jabber-room (usually, Russian-speak
jabber-room). Link to room you may found at

This is the reason why mc develops so quickly ... and the reason that
the development looks as 'close' from other side :(

WBR, Slavaz.

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