Re: bundled intl stuff necessary

* Slava Zanko <slavazanko gmail com> schrieb:

> Contributor... gm... may be I'm mistaken with word... 'maintainer' more
> like.
> - - How make packages in rpm, deb, tgz(Slackware) and other
> package-oriented distros
> - - How compile on *BSD/MaCOS, Cygwin/MinGW
> - - How compile on embedded systems
> - - ... other maintainer-related stuff

hmm, isn't that just normal doc stuff ? ;-o
(perhaps under the packager/ subdir)

> > Why do extfs scripts belong into contrib ?
> >>     contrib/syntax (current ${src_root}/syntax)
> > Why are the syntaxfiles contrib stuff ?
> this not a part of mc executable and must be in conrtib area, IMHO

They're needed by mcedit at runtime, same as shared libs, configs, etc.

IMHO, "contrib" means: from external sources and not officially 
maintained by the upstream. I don't see that we really have this
situation yet (besides distro-specific buildfiles, etc).

> > BTW: they should be installed into "${libexecdir}/mc", not 
> > "${datarootdir}/mc". Same w/ the stuff in "${datarootdir}/mc/bin".
> > The global menu configs belong into "${sysconfdir}/mc". Hintfiles 
> > are locale stuff, so belong somewhere below "${datarootdir}/locale/" ..
> This already applyed in Fedora-10 patch. Later I will publish this patch
> in trac.


> >>     lib/slang
> > Why should we carry an own branch of slang at all ?
> For embedded systems with less of memory, IMHO...

Already suspected something like that. IMHO an stupid idea:
Embedded maintainers should use an trimmed-down slang or do
static linking, etc. BTW: the change of unnecessarily bloating
up the system w/ bundled slang is quite good - just takes one
more slang-using app and all benefit's gone.

My vote is to completely dropping the bundled slang and let the
embedded folks do the trim-down on their own.

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