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Enrico Weigelt wrote:

>> My purpose (in far-near future):
>> doc
>>     man (current ${src_root}/doc)
>>     contributor (contributor manuals)
>>     developer (developers manual)
> What exactly is the difference between developer and contributor ?
Developer docs:
- - style of project sources;
- - descriptions of internal functions (library related, may be via doxygen)
- - UML-like schemas... or in plain text :)
- - other doc-stuff related to developers

Contributor... gm... may be I'm mistaken with word... 'maintainer' more
- - How make packages in rpm, deb, tgz(Slackware) and other
package-oriented distros
- - How compile on *BSD/MaCOS, Cygwin/MinGW
- - How compile on embedded systems
- - ... other maintainer-related stuff

>> contrib
>>     contrib/extfs (current ${src_root}/vfs/extfs)
> Why do extfs scripts belong into contrib ?
>>     contrib/syntax (current ${src_root}/syntax)
> Why are the syntaxfiles contrib stuff ?

this not a part of mc executable and must be in conrtib area, IMHO

> BTW: they should be installed into "${libexecdir}/mc", not 
> "${datarootdir}/mc". Same w/ the stuff in "${datarootdir}/mc/bin".
> The global menu configs belong into "${sysconfdir}/mc". Hintfiles 
> are locale stuff, so belong somewhere below "${datarootdir}/locale/" ..

This already applyed in Fedora-10 patch. Later I will publish this patch
in trac.

>>     contrib/lib (current ${src_root}/lib, except mc.hint.* and
>>                  README.xterm)
> And the lib/ChangeLog should be merged with the one in the toplevel dir.

>>     lib/slang
> Why should we carry an own branch of slang at all ?
For embedded systems with less of memory, IMHO...

... P.S. May be, in future mc will work on my iPhone... ;)

WBR. Slavaz.
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