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Congrats again on the release.

I wonder if it would be possible to inform translators when a new
release is coming. For the Dutch translation I was apparently just in
time for the release :), but if I had known the release of 4.7.0 was so
close, then I would have taken a second look if everything was alright
(and I already spotted some bugs in nl.po).
With most projects there is a window of about a week where there are
string freezes, and translators have a chance to update the po-files
and send them in. Would it be possible to have this going for a next
release of mc as well?

Also I was looking at keybindings in the menus. Some use a capital
letter, some don't, which makes the menus look a bit messy. For now I
resolved to use all caps in keybindings, even if the original string
was not using caps. What is the way to deal with it?

Further I have some untranslated strings, and I just don't know what
they are supposed to be. Maybe someone can shed a light on what the
software actually does?
I list them below:

Can I just translate this into Dutch, literally?
#: src/args.c:339
msgid "[this_dir] [other_panel_dir]"
msgstr ""

I'm not sure what exactly tokens are. Can someone explain?
#: src/search/lib.c:43
msgid " Num of replace tokens not equal to num of found tokens "
msgstr "" 

I'm not sure how to translate the prime symbol. Any Dutch speakers know
of anything? Or how do other languages translate it?
msgid "Prime"
msgstr ""

An understrike is different from an underline I suppose?
#: src/tty/key.c:178
msgid "Understrike"
msgstr ""

Hum, this sentence seems a bit awkward to me. Is it?
#: src/viewer/search.c:227
msgid "Seeking to search result"
msgstr ""

Marcel Pol

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