git patches


i am new to this git-branch stuff and i dont have the time to get into
this on a live project.
so far i managed to checkout a git version from may 10 and started to
work offline on the code (kinda free time project: at the beach, in
the woods, on the train, whenever i got a hour and nothing else to do.
eeepc's are great)

so here i am half a year later, i created a mc development environment
based on some bash and make and i ported my patches from 4.6.1 to the
git version and recreated them so they could take another run to the

now i got a really shiny new mc and will put it to my production
systems based on the may-git-co.

the attached patches are:

- sortbuttons
single click sort buttons in the panel header
makes it easy to see what sorting is active and change it (as long as
you have a mouse)
todo: option to disable it

- dynamic split
makes the active panel always the same width (eg: 70:30 tab 30:70)
this is useful but maybe too weird for the simple user
has a option to set it (layout dialog)

- lockpanel
makes the other panel change directories as the current panel does.
this is very useful when comparing similar trees (eg a tared version
of / and /)
stops locking when the common root is reached
toggled with alt+L
todo: option for autounlock

- bsnavi
use backspace to cd.. WHEN commandline is empty for at least 3 seconds
this feature was bounced in savannah

- mixes
because i NEED a single patch for all changes i also attach the
combined versions. they always include the bsnavi function

MAYBE this will be of use to somebody, maybe you can put this patches
to the appropriate place in the git so when i update next time i dont
have to recreate the patches from the beginning and concentrate on the
new features instead.

i dont want to participate in the community talk vote merge rules
discuss nonsense, but i like to share my ideas with the community that
created a essential tool for my work - feel free to send feedback


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