Re: Hello mc Maintainers! :)

On Fri, 2008-03-07 at 17:23 +0100, Patrick Winnertz wrote:
> > > This is basically the same as your wiki idea only using a VCS instead.
> > > git would do the job quite good, but cvs will work, too, I guess.
> >
> > I am most familiar with cvs and svn, but maybe git would fit better.
> I am most familiar with svn and cvs, too but there are some things I really 
> miss in svn ... I dislike the idea of branching there.  git is quite new 
> for me, too, but as I heard from different people it should be exactly 
> what is needed here.

I can set up a git mirror on and keep it updated from
the cron script.  I'm doing it for another project already.

The greatest thing about git (especially when used with StGIT frontend)
is that is allows working on several patches at once.

Complete switching to git would be great, but it would need getting rid
of changelogs and relying on the commit messages for the history.
That's something only the maintainers can decide.

But just having a git mirror would help those who cannot stand working
in CVS after trying git or another modern version control system.

Pavel Roskin

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