Re: Hello mc Maintainers! :)

I removed Egmond from Uhulinux, he doesn't work anymore for uhulinux 
according a mail I recived right after sending my previous one.

> > * having a own repository where we have different branches for every
> > distribution and one branch for a pure patchset.
> > Then we can start to put all patches into the corresponding branch
> > (e.g. I would put my ones into the debian branch). After that we can
> > discuss every patch (there will be some different approaches of patch
> > the same thing). and merge it into the main one. After we are done
> > with every patch (of course except the ones which are distribution
> > specific) we have a patchset for the CVS from upstream and can start
> > to rediff them for the distributions needs. E.g. one distribution is
> > using 4.6.2-pre1 and not a cvs snapshot then were will be a little
> > work to rediff it, but this shoudl be quite easy. This guarantees that
> > everybody uses the same patchset, that if there is a fix in one
> > distribution for a error, this will be afterwards in every
> > distribution.
> OK, that could work.
Yes, I hope so.

> > This is basically the same as your wiki idea only using a VCS instead.
> > git would do the job quite good, but cvs will work, too, I guess.
> I am most familiar with cvs and svn, but maybe git would fit better.
I am most familiar with svn and cvs, too but there are some things I really 
miss in svn ... I dislike the idea of branching there.  git is quite new 
for me, too, but as I heard from different people it should be exactly 
what is needed here.

I've got a comment on a blogpost from another Debian Developer. This site 
he mentioned on my Discussion page is worth to have a look on.
> But I think that we should made this discussion visible for upstream.
> What about moving it to mc-devel?
Yes, indeed. I've cc'ed it. Is everybody here subscribed to this list? If 
yes we can use this list for a first start to discuss everything.


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