Re: RFC: Suggestion for workflow on patches

> >  - Every patch which should be applied to the git should be attached to a
> > bugreport in our ticketsystem. There should be for each patch a own
> > ticket so that we have a good overview.
> hmm, has the drawback, that it's bit unconvenient (as long as we don't have
> an automatic cmdline tool for that ;-P) moves the talks away from the list.
No not really.. You only post indrect to the list via the ticket system... all 
things will hit then the mailinglist and can be discussed there if the need is 
there :)

> Of course, an ideal situation would be an gateway between maillist and
> trac, so new tickets are sent to the list and replies are automatically
> bounced to the ticket's comments.
There will be such a gateway. All things which are added to tickets in trac 
get already bounced to the list. Vice versa is not working atm, I work on this 
currently. Afterwards you only needs to cc ticket midnight-commander org (or 
something else) and the answer will show up in the corresponding ticket.

> >  -  Every patch that is in the ticket system must be approved by two devs
> > in order to get applied again the working branch (master).
> Ok, seems reasonable.
> BTW: does trac have some voting mechanism ?
No, sadly not.. at least I found nothing up to now. Bug I'll search further. 
:) Until there is a solution for this we need to do this by writing something 
into the ticket ( a defined text for ACK /NACK). Maybe something like this:
 - XYZ-asdf.patch revision 2 : ACK
 - ABC-fdsa.patch revision 1 : NACK 

There exists a VotePlugin but as I understand it you can only vote for tickets 
and not for patches with different revisions... and this doesn't help us in my 
eyes :S
> Great !
> Maybe you could also install the xmlrpc plugin, so I can code my own upload
> tool.
I'll have a look on the plugin.. but there seems to be some issues with newest 
trac (0.11) which is running on

> > What do you think? Is this workflow for patches okay? If yes I would
> > write this down somewhere in the wiki in order to make it official.
> ACK.
> BTW: may I request write access to the wiki ?
Should be there now (together with your ssh access). Do you want to write this 
down in the wiki and link it on the first page? :)

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