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Datum: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 14:11:34 -0600
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> I have been a very happy user of midnight commander for many years.  I
> have never had any problems with it.  Now we are upgrading our hardware
> and moving to a new server.  On our old server we are running MC 4.5.42.
> For the new server, I went to your website and downloaded the latest
> version MC 4.6.0.  We installed it on the new server but when we try and
> execute it, we get the following message:

The latest released version of MC is 4.6.1 which is two and a half years old. The CVS version of MC includes a lot of changes and bugfixes compared to MC 4.6.1 so it would be better if you fetch a recent snapshot and build MC from it:

> $ mc                                                                    
> /usr/lib/ Can't open shared library: /usr/local/lib/
> /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
> Abort(coredump)

MC depends on either (n)curses or S-Lang for screen output - it appears that the version you fetched was built against S-Lang. I guess you have to 
find a copy of that library built for HP-UX - you should be looking for 
S-Lang versioned 1.4.x.

I do not have access to HP-UX right now but I remember that HP offered 
test access to some of their servers - I'll see whether there is a 
HP-UX machine in the list and try to build a recent copy of MC.

> So...any ideas where this library comes from or what I need to do to get
> MC running on our new server?

1) Find a pre-built HP-UNIX binary of S-Lang 1.4.x and install it

2) Fetch a MC snapshot from the MC homepage and build it
by passing --with-screen=mcslang to "configure"

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