Re: [PATCH] Help Viewer - mouse issues

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

Well, we can go with the simple solution for now  - but it
should be documented somewhere to prevent further confusion.
As to whether it is worth the effort - think about this:
Me and you together spent a considerable amount of time on a
simple issue - was it worth it ? I think making the things right
will allow the developer to spend his time on more pressing issues.

I am not quite satisfied with that simple solution too.
What do you think if I convert xnc.hlp to mandoc format
and patch man2hlp respectively?
I think it will be sufficient to add to man2hlp support
of these two troff commands:
1) '.ce' (to center lines)
2) '.ti' (temporary indent - to support right indention of the
  first line of the paragraph).


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