Re: Mouse support bugs and a couple of feature requests (fwd)

On Mon, 4 Sep 2006, Stephan Sokolow wrote:

On Monday September 4, 2006 08:57, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

Screen uses a pseudo-terminal pair to communicate with the shells it
starts. As such when you start MC it is running on the pseudo terminal
slave device - /dev/pts/1 for example. It is screen that is running on
the virtual console device (the real terminal) and not MC. gpm cannot
handle mouse events on anything other than Linux virtual console. So
requests from MC for mouse events on /dev/pts/1 should fail ... but
there is a patch in the RedHat version of gpm that removes a check which
is supposed to catch that condition. I guess you are using Fedora, right ?

Gentoo, actually.

I've just checked the Gentoo patches to gpm. The check I speak of
is not disabled on Gentoo, but the message it is supposed to output
is suppressed. This is done by the 09_all_logfillup.patch. In any case
what you want to do won't work.

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