Re: Mouse support bugs and a couple of feature requests (fwd)

On Monday September 4, 2006 08:57, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> Screen uses a pseudo-terminal pair to communicate with the shells it
> starts. As such when you start MC it is running on the pseudo terminal
> slave device - /dev/pts/1 for example. It is screen that is running on
> the virtual console device (the real terminal) and not MC. gpm cannot
> handle mouse events on anything other than Linux virtual console. So
> requests from MC for mouse events on /dev/pts/1 should fail ... but
> there is a patch in the RedHat version of gpm that removes a check which
> is supposed to catch that condition. I guess you are using Fedora, right ?

Gentoo, actually.

Stephan Sokolow Webmaster

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