Re: incorrect hex number in editor

On Tue, Sep 05, 2006 at 01:33:17PM +0300, Nerijus Baliunas wrote:

> But it should either show correct hex codes or correct UTF-8 letters, which it
> does not.

Yes, perfectly right.

> BTW, I am not using UTF-8 locale.

Now I'm playing with my mc (not Fedora, but most likely nearly the same
UTF-8 patches) in non-UTF-8 mode.

With the hu_HU locale (iso-8859-2) I get: 0x102, 0x17A, 0x139, 0x164.
With en_US the hex codes displayed are: 0xC3 0xBC 0xC5 0xAB.
The later one is perfect, the first one is faulty.
With C locale you get: 0xFFEC3, 0xFFEBC, 0xFFEC5, 0xFFEAB.

So you're right, there's a bug somewhere in the UTF-8 patch, and its
behaviour depends on the exact locale. What locale do you have? Does it work
perfectly for you with an iso-8859-1 locale?


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