Re: Inconsistent behaviour of Options

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Jindrich Novy wrote:

> there are two types of dialogs in Options menu. The first type contains
> three buttons: Ok, Save, Cancel and the second only Ok and Cancel.

Good point! This is something I also wanted to put for discussion on the
mailing list for some time

> The question is whether to fix the bug in the way that:
> 1. "Ok" sets the parameters only for the current session and won't touch
> the ini file. "Save" saves the configuration to ini file so that it's
> needed to add the "Save" button to the rest of the Options dialog
> entries to make it consistent.
> 2. "Ok" sets the parameters to ini file for all the dialogs, so that
> it's needed to remove "Save" button from the Layout and Configuration
> options to make it consistent.
> What's your opinion?

I think solution number 2 is better. After all we have Options -> Save
setup so the "Save" buttons are somewhat redundant. There is also the
auto_save_setup option which saves the ini file on exit.

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