Inconsistent behaviour of Options

Hi mc-devel,

there are two types of dialogs in Options menu. The first type contains
three buttons: Ok, Save, Cancel and the second only Ok and Cancel.

There's a default action in the dialogs with only Ok and Cancel that Ok
saves the configuration globally so that it's written to ini file just
after finishing the dialog.

If you try to configure with "Options/Configuration..." and
"Options/Layout..." you see Ok, Save, Cancel. If you press either Ok or
Save the settings are written to ini file so that the settings will be
set again when new mc is launched and not only for the current session.

The question is whether to fix the bug in the way that:

1. "Ok" sets the parameters only for the current session and won't touch
the ini file. "Save" saves the configuration to ini file so that it's
needed to add the "Save" button to the rest of the Options dialog
entries to make it consistent.

2. "Ok" sets the parameters to ini file for all the dialogs, so that
it's needed to remove "Save" button from the Layout and Configuration
options to make it consistent.

What's your opinion?


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