Re: mc-2006-07-12-22 bug report

Hello enrico,

On Tue, 18 Jul 2006, enrico wrote:

Il giorno mar, 18/07/2006 alle 16.21 +0300, Pavel Tsekov ha scritto:

Enrico, would you mind revealing further details on the the ftp server

this is the command into hotlist
/#ftp:salvo1024 ftp webalice it/WA

and ftpfs_use_passive_connections is set to 0 (see below)

Does your account have any specific restrictions ?

up to 10 MB limit for space and some restrictions
in total bytes flux/day...

What are you
trying to upload.

simple files

This is necessary so we could reproduce the problem.

Hey! I just create a subdir into VFS ( and now I
can put files into !

Could you start MC with ftp logging enabled and make it crash then send the log to the list. You need to use the -l option to do this:

-l, --ftplog=ARG    Log ftp dialog to specified file


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