Re: [bug #4327] ftpfs confused by certain directory names

Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
Follow-up Comment #5, bug #4327 (project mc):

The third paragraph in comment #4 is a incorrect combination of 2 thoughts.
What I meant to say is:

1) We can't determinate whether the date string is 3 or 4 fields long if the
file name contains spaces so we need to fix our input vfs_parse_filedate(). A
different function is needed if we know the date field has 4 elements.

2) If we want to be able to parse uids and gids with spaces in them we need
to use a non-sequential parsing algorithm (look for date field first and work
forward and backward from there). Currently uids and gids are supposed to be
numerical so we don't have such a problem.

Just another idea: We could use the NLST command to only list the names of the files and later check for them in the LIST command. This would make it possible to deal with all but filenames containing "\r\n".

This task is non-trivial to get optimal, but we could at least try ...


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