Re: AMC patches ported to mc-2006-02-03-13.tar.gz

Hi Arpi,

On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 00:53 +0100, Arpi wrote:
> I've just ported (updated) my patch set for the today version of mc.
> I didnt attach for size, download if interested, packed together:

I'm not sure this is the most convenient way to submit patches. I'll
just comment on a few of them based on your comments (instead of the
code) for now.

> avoid-mc-in-mc.patch
>     Do NOT allow starting mc from inside mc (mc in mc causes conflicts
>     and confusion when changing to subshell with ctrl+o)

We already have a dialog that warns you if you attempt this. No need to
make it impossible.

> deb-support-without-dpkg.patch
>     For systems withoput dpkg (almost any non-debian OS).
>     It handles .deb files as regular .ar archives, as they are in reality.

Haven't looked at the code but this seems useful.
> esc+shift+numbers_as_shift+F-keys.patch
>     Useful only with english keyboard map!
>     Maps ESC,Shift+0..9 to Shift+F1..F10 keys, like ESC,0..9 are mapped to F1..F10
>     (useful on dumb terminals not handling F-key codes correctly)

Does this feature an option that can be toggled in any of the dialogs?

> more-syntax-defs.patch
>     Syntax highlight definition files for BAssPasC language, MHTML and JASM

There seems to be a difference of opinion whether we should support
every obscure syntax there is out there. As such I don't mind we support
as many syntaxes as we can, but how do we approach extension conflicts?

> option_beep_when_fileop_finished.patch
>     beep sound when file op (copy,. move etc) finished. optional.

Should be togglable. Not everyone likes beeping consoles.

> option_ctrl-o_blocking.patch
>     block Ctrl+O (switch back to panels from subshell) when there is
>     something types in the subshell (to avoid the annoying 'Subshell is
>     already running a command' wahrning coming soon) - optional

Don't like this. We've fixed the warning for white space lines already.
I like to toggle a lot (especially from inside mcedit).

>     optional: do not allow subshell to change panel's cwd

Not without a selectable option.

> wildcards_and_quoting_in_quick_cd.patch
>     allows quoting (cd There\ are\ spaces\ in\ this\ path) and
>     wildcards (cd Mar*) in quick-cd.

Quoting is fine but wildcards make no sense for cd. Where is a cd *
supposed to go? Use auto completion (esc tab) instead.


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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