Re: Midnight commander patches

Hello Sergey,

On Tue, 26 Dec 2006, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

000-mc-4.6.1-fers.patch - MC already offers a
"find Recursively" checkbox in the "Find File"

According to the patch description this patch does
the following:

Add checkboxes "Find first entry" and
"Recursive search" in MC find dialog

First of all the text "Find first entry" is misleading.
At first I thought that the idea was that it will match
the first file given a pattern and will stop. When I
looked at the patch I saw that what you meant is that
turning on this option will stop the scan of the file
contents once a match is found. I hope someone from
the other developers on this list will help with naming
this option properly. Next, I noticed that with your
patch the scan will not really stop after a match is
found - the code will keep reading the file till his end.

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