Re: GCC-4.0 warnings

Pavel Roskin wrote:
While the code is correct, it's not obvious for gcc.  The "knee-jerk"
reaction could be to initialize val in caller(), but sometimes it may be
better to fix callee(), especially if it's used many times.  Even more
so if it's not documented that the pointer won't be initialized if
callee() returns a failure code.

Hmm, my opinion is that a function should not change any of their output parameters on failure, but I see the problem for the compiler. Probably I will initialize the output parameters even on failure.

I have fixed all warnings in HEAD except one introduced by you.  I guess
you can fix it better (I tried and it's not trivial, so you may want to
reverse some of your changes instead):

help.c: In function 'help_handle_key':
help.c:627: warning: passing argument 3 of 'check_movement_keys'
discards qualifiers from pointer target type

I have fixed this. The code had been really ugly. It was not necessary to pass currentpoint to the check_movement_function(), as it is a global variable.


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