mc 4.6.1-pre3 not working on the linux console

Hi !

Today I received an important bug report, mc behaves strangely on the linux
console when $DISPLAY is set:

So I tried mc on a Debian Sid and the linux console, but it was even worse
than reported: Any non-alphanumeric key did not work and the enter key just
prints '..' (as if the ESC key was pressed).

I've tried, with or without debian patches, with or without internal slang
(I had to fix SLsys_getkey errors). Same result (and with internal slang,
horizontal lines are missing from menus).

I also backported the Sid package to my Woody (external slang), and I could
also reproduce the bug #309630: without DISPLAY set it works.

The same binary works nicely in an xterm.

Can someone confirm this linux console bug ?
Any clue ?


Ludovic Drolez.       - The PalmOS Open Source Portal      - Personal site - Linux and PalmOS stuff

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