Re: PATCH new OOo2 file extensions

Hello Pavel,

On Sat, 2005-05-14 at 00:13, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> For example, the "stable"
> branch compiles with a significant amount of warnings by the latest gcc.
> This wasn't the case when 4.6.0 was released.

I don't see *any* warning on the MC_4_6_1_PRE branch, which is the
branch that should be used for a 4.6.1 release. HEAD is for *post* 4.6.1
development. Warnings in that branch of course should be fixed, but they
should not distract you from the task of doing a release.

> I'm sorry, but I don't have time to port every minor fix to the 4.6
> branch.

We have been applying these "safe and minor" fixes to MC_4_6_1_PRE for
months as we - we being at least Pavel Shirshov, Roland Illig, Jindrich
Novy and me - expect that branch to be used for a 4.6.1 release.

Instead of complaining about all the effort of back porting (which most
of the active developers don't seem to mind), could you please release a
rc for 4.6.1 from the MC_4_6_1_PRE branch? That branch has been mostly
stable since december (or even  as in done_key()earlier). We need a
release to persuade people to update because there are probably still a
lot of vulnerable mcs out there, and it would be nice if the "regular
user" could profit from all the improvements we have all been working on
for many many months. Thank you for regarding the wishes of your most
active developers.


P.S. I did commit this to MC_4_6_1_PRE.
P.P.S. If you still feel that the X11 error when running mc over ssh
should be fixed before a release of 4.6.1 could you please give us an
indication of how you think this issue should be fixed? I would expect
the fix needs to be applied to init_key_x11() in src/key.c but I am not
quite sure how to do this. Just closing the module, window and display
as in done_key() and setting them to NULL or 0 does not suffice to fix
this issue. Do we need an extra parameter to indicate we can't use X11
related functions?

mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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