Re: PATCH new OOo2 file extensions

On Fri, 13 May 2005 18:13:29 -0400 Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> wrote:

> > IMHO it's safe to apply to MC_4_6_1_PRE too.
> Most changes are safe to apply, but it takes additional time.  I'm

Yes, but not in this trivial case :)

> thinking of skipping 4.6.1 and going to 4.7.0 because the changes
> accumulated so far exceed by far what is expected from a x.x.1 release.

I can understand it, but if 4.6.1 is released in a few months time and
4.7.x in a few years, it's probably worth to have such change in 4.6.1.

> We are behind time in terms of development.

Yes, unfortunately :(
I think it's time to release 4.6.1 as is (there's no need to make it "perfect",
it's always possible to release 4.6.2 if critical problems happen), because
most distributions patch current 4.6.0 anyway or even use MC_4_6_1_PRE
(in RH/Fedora case).


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