Re: To release or not to release ...


> Posting a tarball extracted from CVS to the list is not what I would
> call "doing a release".

Feel free to send in comments for the release announcement.

I have been away so I do not know what would go on the announcement if
the NEWS file has not been maintained accordingly. 

Feel free to write the release notes, thats fine.

> > Then a kind developer told me that I skipped one number (I do not think
> > its a major issue, and he re-released) and posted here.
> How do you expect to "maintain" a project if you don't communicate with
> the developers on their perception of the necessary steps to take? You
> do an occasional post to this list and then you disappear again for
> weeks.

Well, the situation is that Pavel was busy, and am trying to assist
here, and cooperation from those who have been involved in the day to
day basis of the project would help.

So instead of preaching `why dont you communicate', what about actually
communicating and expressing what you think must be done?

> > The only issue is that I need to get an account on ibiblio to make it
> > completely official.  I will ask for one.
> Can't you arrange this with Pavel Roskin? I think he has all the
> necessary access credentials to the relevant sites.

I have, and this is what he had to say:

	As for 4.6.1-pre4 tarball, it has been available since June 8:

If all it needs is some blessing, then lets bless that.

Pavel is in the process of moving and has a small window of connection
to the internet. 
> P.S. By the way, we did fix a double free that caused a crash on some
> systems recently. Please don't forget to update before releasing.

What do you suggest must be done?   Bump the number to pre4, or should
this become 4.6.1, or should this be 4.6.2?


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