Re: New Maintainer for MC Project?

On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 07:00 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>     Thanks for offering to become the new maintainer for Midnight
> Commander.   I do not want you to become the "Project Manager" for a
> number of reasons:
> 	* In open source, maintainers are chosen by their merits, before
> 	  today I have never heard of you.    It is a meritocracy, you
> 	  have shown none so far.
> 	* In open source, I have never seen a "project manager", this is
> 	  an invention of the standard software industry.  There is no 
> 	  "project manager" for Linux, Samba, x-Windows.
> 	* Maintainers are people with deep understanding of the codebase
> 	  and the language the code is written in, so they can make
> 	  decisions as to what is best for the project on technical 
> 	  grounds.
> 	* You exhibit the behavior of many people who have no ideas
> 	  whatsoever about the project but like big titles.  "Public
> 	  Relations Coordinator", "the leadership", and "Project
> 	  Manager".
> 	* MC should not be part of the "Krusader family", it is 
> 	  an independent project, not part of a suite.
> 	* I dislike people who misspell: "Krusader" and "Krew".
> 	* Tell the "Leadership" that thanks, but no thanks.
>    As I stated previously, if we have problems in Midnight Commander, I
> will step in as its maintainer or suggest someone actively involved (or
> which has been actively involved in the past) to do so.
> Miguel.

Thanks allot for taking the time to still lookout for MC.  I couldn't
agree more with most of your points, especially after reading the
numerous personal attacks and threats made towards you being spammed to
the list.  At this point I can't imagine how anyone in their right mind
would even consider this offer, let alone continue the dialog.  

Thanks again,
Brad Cowan <bcowan gentoo org>
Gentoo Linux

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