Re: [bug #13734] viewer should save position & mode per file

Roland Illig wrote:
Thus I have dozens of files listed with position "1;0" in filepos. Why are those saved at all? Would it be possible to save file position unless the position happens to be "1;0"? Even #utar and other such temporary files have their position saved.

I just fixed that.

Excellent, thanks! Meaning just the position "1;0" issue, or that the VFS files are not saved, too?

The VFS question is more complex. I don't see much value in saving position in #utar files since they're read-only. But #sh ... sometimes I edit remote files that way.

Is there a limit to the number of lines in filepos, like, say, .bash_history has? And yes, I did look in the man page before asking. :)

Currently it is hard-coded to 1024. Do you want to have that configurable?

Hmmm, I don't know. Hard-coded settings are evil in one way, but too many configuration choices are another form of evil. Personally I feel better just knowing that filepos won't be infinitely growing. :)

This probably should be configurable. But the more useful feature would be the ability to toggle on/off the position saving within the editor, overriding the general "Save file position" setting per file. (A similar override feature for autoindent would be handy. If I'm pasting formatted text with the mouse, I hate to have to turn off autoindent altogether. A hotkey would be great!)
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