Re: [malware t-online de: Bug#324755: mc: tar archives greater than 2GB not supported]


On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Stefano Melchior wrote:

> Hi Pavel,
> Michael, a Debian GNU/Linux user, reported this bug and suggested the
> following patch for the same.
> I soon would like to infor you and the `mc-devel` list about this.
> Thank you in advance

This seems to be a much needed patch indeed. I haven't applied it nor
tested it - just took a look at it. I noticed something that might need
to be fixed in the 3rd  hunk of tar.c patch:

@@ -642,8 +642,9 @@
     int fd = FH_SUPER->u.arch.fd;
     struct vfs_class *me = FH_SUPER->me;

-    if (mc_lseek (fd, begin + FH->pos, SEEK_SET) !=
-        begin + FH->pos) ERRNOR (EIO, -1);
+    off_t o = mc_lseek(fd, begin + FH->pos, SEEK_SET);
+    if ( o != begin + FH->pos) ERRNOR (EIO, -1);

     count = MIN(count, FH->ino->st.st_size - FH->pos);

The type of FH->pos is not off_t but long. See struct vfs_s_fh in
vfs/xdirentry.h .

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