Re: The "unstable" mcview

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
No - but this development could happen on a branch and once you were
 confident with the new code you could merge it in the main trunk.
You have done nearly 60 commits so far to viewer.c only for the last
3 weeks.

I have done that intentionally. With every commit, I have done (almost)
a single, simple thing. That makes reviewing the separate things easier.

I don't think this is the right way to go - it could have been avoided if you have come up with a final, well thought patch and eventually split it into several chunks.

Well, maybe 60 separate chunks are too much. ;)

Anyone unaware of what is going on and checking out from CVS could get a broken viewer and start reporting bugs which you would eventually correct or which are already fixed. We would have to worry only about the viewer then. And also a bug that eventually showed with pre-April view code may no longer be traceable.

Does that mean you want all the mc code unchanged, just in case someone
reports a bug? That's what "cvs update -D'last month'" is for.

You complain about the time it takes to review a patch. Well, have you considered all the people who have posted to the list and didn't get their patch reviewed ? I think it is kind of unfair the way you try to enforce your vision of MC.

Accepted. So I promise to look at some patches from other people.


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