The "unstable" mcview

Hi all,

as you are aware after the last few mails, the current mcview is quite unstable, as I'm working actively on it.

I have decided to do so (and not get every patch reviewed) because I think the viewer code needs to be cleared up in some parts. The review process would be just to time consuming.

To catch most errors, I have added numerous assert() statements to the code to emphasize the preconditions I expect when certain functions are called.

I (of course accidentally) introduced the bug in view_move_forward2() because this functions returns one of two completely unrelated values, one time the current offset, the other time the number of lines that have been advanced. Sorry for this, I will soon rewrite the function to have an additional parameter that splits this double-use of the return value.

For the other bug that has been reported, I currently have too few information to tell the cause.

I hope you are not completely disappointed of the bugs, and let me continue working on mcview.


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