Re: hash (sharp) in file and dir names over vfs..

On Tue, Oct 05, 2004 at 04:19:42PM +0200, q# wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tested mc and found some problems with "#" in file and dir names
> over vfs. My tests cover only sshfs (fish?), ftpfs, tarfs part of vfs.
> Fish has also problem with symlinks. I could not view symlink pointing
> to regular file. Dir-links however works okay, but they are visible as
> normal directories.
> I created some test archive, where you can see how problem looks like.
> You can also unpack .tgz and browse it over sshfs and ftpfs for full
> picture.
> My second issue are directories with spaces in prompt. For ex. when we
> have "some dir" and in prompt we write 'rm -rf ' and press CTRL+ENTER,
> result will be 'rm -rf some\ dir ', and execute it (ENTER) dir will
> disapeare. That's ok. But when we write 'cd dome\ dir', built-in command
> don't understand it properly, and mc shows 'no such file or...'
> Test file:

There is also problem with normal directories, when they have names like
vfs-name, try create dir "test#utar" or "test#uar" in mc.

I have update my above test archive.

best regards

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