hash (sharp) in file and dir names over vfs..


I've tested mc and found some problems with "#" in file and dir names
over vfs. My tests cover only sshfs (fish?), ftpfs, tarfs part of vfs.

Fish has also problem with symlinks. I could not view symlink pointing
to regular file. Dir-links however works okay, but they are visible as
normal directories.

I created some test archive, where you can see how problem looks like.
You can also unpack .tgz and browse it over sshfs and ftpfs for full

My second issue are directories with spaces in prompt. For ex. when we
have "some dir" and in prompt we write 'rm -rf ' and press CTRL+ENTER,
result will be 'rm -rf some\ dir ', and execute it (ENTER) dir will
disapeare. That's ok. But when we write 'cd dome\ dir', built-in command
don't understand it properly, and mc shows 'no such file or...'

Test file:

best regards

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