Re: rar archives with password

Hello Vladimir,

On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 18:36:24 +0100 Vladimir Nadvornik <nadvornik suse cz>

> > If I did not miss anything, listing contents of .rar archives that contain
> > password-protected files do not require to enter the password so it should
> > not lock. Only extraction does (the archive headers themselves are not
> > protected). So to me the first part of you patch does not make a
> > difference. 
> You are right. It is not needed for listing, but for consistency I'd use it 
> here too.

That's what I wondered, just wanted to be sure, in case previous versions of
rar behave differently :-).

> > Now regarding the second part, well, extracting password-protected files
> > without passing a password will extract 0-byte length files, with
> > filenames altered (prefixed w/ a star: *), for instance, try to copyout
> > the only file from the attached .rar archive would create an empty file
> > * So what's the aim of the second part as well?
> >
> Without the patch mc freezes completely. I had to kill it from another 
> terminal.
> It can be reproduced with mc cvs from monday and unrar 3.30 on the file 
> tst.rar

Yeah I definitely agree w/ that, I did kill unrar manually many times (I did
not kill mc, eheh, causing less "damages").

What I was trying to point to was that extracting files w/o passing a password
is non-sense regarding to what will be extracted (the filename and its
contents. OK, now I see that your priority was to avoid locking..



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