Re: rar archives with password

Hello Vladimir,

On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 11:58:50 +0100 Vladimir Nadvornik <nadvornik suse cz> wrote:

> urar virtual filesystem hangs on archives with password. This patch
> adds an option -p- to unrar to disable password prompt.
> I couldn't test it with rar.

If I did not miss anything, listing contents of .rar archives that contain
password-protected files do not require to enter the password so it should not
lock. Only extraction does (the archive headers themselves are not protected).
So to me the first part of you patch does not make a difference. What version
of (un)rar did you use?

Now regarding the second part, well, extracting password-protected files
without passing a password will extract 0-byte length files, with filenames
altered (prefixed w/ a star: *), for instance, try to copyout the only file
from the attached .rar archive would create an empty file * So what's
the aim of the second part as well?

The tst.rar attached has been created w/ rar 3.40, using command: `rar a -pfoo

Now, being able to interactively type in a password to use when extracting
(and optionally when adding to archive) files would be useful.



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