Re: Using mc in a dtterm

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 15:43:25 +0100 "Geer, David van der" <David vanderGeer axa nl> wrote:

> I have installed mc-4.6.0-HP-UX on our HP11.00 servers.
> Great stuff, however our admins complain about not being able to use the <BackSpace> key. Whenever they press <BackSpace> it in fact generates a <Delete>.
> We are running CDE using "dtterm".

I remember having problems recently with HP-UX too. I was
connecting with putty. Backspace started to work only when
I changed Backaspace key sequence from Control-? (127)
to Control-H in putty configuration. So it seems there is some
problem with HP-UX and backspace.


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