More proposed patches

Hello Pavel,

I've done some work on the patch tree at . Please have another look at the
proposed patches. There are a few that you looked at already, but you
should look at them again. And there is a patch to complete the fix for

can-2004-0494-p2.patch: Name says it all. Part two for the CAN-2004-0494
fix. Part 1 (under proposed-accepted) has already been committed (in
phases) by Roland. This should fix all missing quoting of parameters to
system/open calls in the vfs/extfs tree.

edit-replace.patch: I think you misunderstood this patch. It is *not*
UTF-8 related. It just happens to touch the same code. This fixes buffer
overflows in the find/replace code in editcmd.c.

mc-4.6.0-absoluterm.patch: Absolute path to /bin/rm in mc wrapper
scripts. You've taken no decision on this yet.

mc-4.6.0-large_syntax.patch: Fixes crash when using large syntax files.
Have you already tested this?

mc-4.6.0-pre3-nocpio.patch: No view of contents in initial rpm view.
Copying files from the main view is very expensive (see Jakub Jelinek's
email on this subject. If you do not apply this patch you should fix the
temp file creation!


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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