Re: More proposed patches

Hello Leonard,

Sunday, August 22, 2004, 4:00:51 PM, you wrote:

LdO> can-2004-0494-p2.patch: Name says it all. Part two for the CAN-2004-0494
LdO> fix. Part 1 (under proposed-accepted) has already been committed (in
LdO> phases) by Roland. This should fix all missing quoting of parameters to
LdO> system/open calls in the vfs/extfs tree.

LdO> edit-replace.patch: I think you misunderstood this patch. It is *not*
LdO> UTF-8 related. It just happens to touch the same code. This fixes buffer
LdO> overflows in the find/replace code in editcmd.c.

     Ok. I should review it.

LdO> mc-4.6.0-absoluterm.patch: Absolute path to /bin/rm in mc wrapper
LdO> scripts. You've taken no decision on this yet.

     It is security related? Why?

LdO> mc-4.6.0-large_syntax.patch: Fixes crash when using large syntax files.
LdO> Have you already tested this?

     No. I havn't enough time for it. This crash was fixed by to deny
     loading large syntax files now. But i should review this patch
     today or tomorrow.

LdO> mc-4.6.0-pre3-nocpio.patch: No view of contents in initial rpm view.
LdO> Copying files from the main view is very expensive (see Jakub Jelinek's
LdO> email on this subject. If you do not apply this patch you should fix the
LdO> temp file creation!

     Ok. I should test and commit this patch soon.

Best regards,
 pavelsh                            mailto:pavelsh mail ru

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