Re: Can't open any RPM file

> DA> Just updates from CVS and built mc. I now can't browse RPM
> packages. I DA> tried to restore old /usr/local/share/extfs/rpm*
> files, but that DA> doesn't solve the problem. mc gives "inconsistent
> extfs acrhive DA> message" on all rpms. Checked about 20 packages,
> all of them are okay, DA> some of them are installed.
>     Please, send me one package or give me url.
>     I can't reproduce error with my environment.

I can't  open _any_ package. Just rolled back to an old version 
(browsing rpm packages is very essintial mc's dfeauture for me), all 
these packages opens  fine. 
How can I turn obn vfs/extfs debugging? 


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