Re: [PATCH] 3 patches for MC-2003-09-15-04

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003 tux centrum cz wrote:

> I am sending three patches for latest development version of MC
> In attached archive patches.tgz (6KB) are three files:
> kilobyte.patch : Allow to specify whether you want to use 1024 based
>                  kilobyte units (as is now default) or 1000 based
>                  kilobyte when showing file sizes - settable in
>                  mc.ini.
>                  (i found it difficult to compare values like 695M
>                  and 728000123 bytes, I don't know waht is more or
>                  less without taking a calculator, so after applying
>                  this patch, anyone can set one_kilobyte=1000 in
>                  mc.ini and values like 695M will change to 728m or
>                  so. Thousand based units are IMHO more
>                  human-readable)

I don't think we should accept any new options for which there is no user
interface.  There are too many of them already.  How many people actually
edit the configuration files manually?

We probably need an additional dialog for advanced options.

> sort_order.patch : change sort order by keyboard shortcuts, I
>                    modified this patch for this mc version and
>                    corrected one bug that was there
>                    (indicator not repainting)

Same thing.  If the user interface is so hard to modify to add new
options, then we should not ignore this problem.

However, I like the idea of using shortcuts compatible with Norton

> datefromat.patch : change datetime format, modified to apply to
>                    current development version

Again, options without interface to set them.  Also, I don't think it's a
good idea to override locale settings without serious reasons.

Pavel Roskin

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