Re: Patches for mc-4.5.51

> And yes, I sent patches addressing these issues, with no reply. Maybe
> they are crappy, because I don't know the mc code much, but at least
> "your patch sucks because of this and that" would be appreciated.

I sent three patches too, but neither I saw them applied, neither I received email like "the patches sucks because ..." or at least "your patch sucks".

Also the bug "when I edit file and change directory in subshell, the file is saved elsewhere" - I saw a patch on it on about 6 months ago and the problem is still there (or at least was in the 2003/08 development snapshot, I haven't checked the 2003/09/15 for this bug yet)

In the past I saw some MC versions where someone fixed few annoying issues, gave out some better version of MC, but he was unable to maintain it and apply changes from the official mc, so in few months that version was osoleted by mc with some new features but still with old bugs.

So there exist some versions that are 4.5.X (or older) with some good improvements, but on the other hand they for example don't remember positions in editor, etc...

Maybe it's a good idea to fork MC into stable and unstable branch, like there is 2.4.x (stable) and 2.5.x (testing) linux kernel, and to port features from the testing branch to the stable once they are found bug free or whatever... I will use the testing branch anyway :o)

And, of course, the unstable should be more liberal in accepting patches....

Martin Petricek

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